Why consider using the services of an upholsterer?

  • Pg.2-1Vintage and Antique items are usually of a quality that only the finest modern furniture can match.
  • An upholstery craftsman does more than just re-cover. The piece is structurally restored to new or better condition.
  • Choice. You can choose exactly the fabric for your purpose and decor.
  • Keep what works. It may be your furniture is sentimental, it fits the room, it fits you, or you just like it.
  • Modify. A little firmer here, a little softer there – we can do that!
  • Re-style. You have a picture in your mind or a clipping from a magazine of what you like.
  • Green. No matter what color you choose it greatly minimizes waste and conserves manufacturing resources.
  • Less toxic. Far less chemicals enter your home than with new furniture.