Natural Materials

Using natural materials conserves resources and reduces chemicals in your home

  • Hemp    natmat
  • Linen
  • Coconut Fiber
  • Jute        
  • Flax
  • Cotton   
  • Burlap
  • Natural Latex Foam  
  • Soy Foam

My interest in natural materials for upholstery started when my wife and I went shopping for a new mattress. We were concerned about chemical fire retardants that are in mattress materials so we had our eye on an expensive mattress advertised as “natural” and embossed with a symbol of a leaf and the words “organic cotton”. Come to find out, the cotton had been organic but then was treated for fire resistance and put on a mattress that was full of fire retardants as well ! These are large quantities of chemicals that are associated with many health problems. They are added in order to pass strict flame resistance laws for all mattresses sold in the United States. We did not want to spend one third of our lives sleeping on their chemicals, so we made our own mattress out of natural latex and an organic cotton cover.

Similar laws have applied to upholstered furniture. When taking apart furniture I see first hand that normal foam gradually breaks down with time, often turning into a fine powder. Studies point to this as the primary danger with the fire retardant chemicals because it enables them to enter the dust and air of ones home. Simply using foam without fire retardants is a cost effective and easy way to greatly reduce a families chemical exposure.

Going beyond foam and fire retardants, there are many other good reasons for using natural upholstery materials, either to some extent or exclusively, when upholstering new or used furniture. Some individuals have sensitivity to chemicals. There are reasonable concerns about the environment. There is the aesthetic appeal. I sleep soundly in my chemical free bed and I hope I can provide customers with the same satisfaction from their naturally upholstered furniture.